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    Satisfy your cravings and add a lush, creamy flavor to your favorite drinks with Brown Fever Dairy whitener. This top-quality whitener mixes easily into any hot or cold beverage, delivering a rich, sweet taste without the fat and calories of cream. Just a spoonful is all it takes to transform your coffee into a frothy, indulgent treat.

    The smooth, milky texture and hint of sweetness is perfect for lightening up dark roasted coffee or bringing out the chocolate notes in a rich mocha. It also blends beautifully into tea, hot cocoa, protein shakes and more for a touch of creaminess. With Brown Fever Dairy whitener on hand, you can create creamy, crave-worthy beverages at home or on the go. There's no need to stock real dairy when this shelf-stable whitener lets you add a little luxury to your daily drinks anytime.

    • Delivers rich, creamy taste and texture without the fat and calories of real cream
    • Mixes easily into any hot or cold beverage for light, sweet flavor
    • Provides a smooth, silky mouthfeel you'll love in your coffee, tea, hot chocolate and more
    • Shelf-stable convenience - no refrigeration required
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