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    • Satisfy Your Thirst with a Taste of India's Most Refreshing Beverage!
    • Made with Lemon, Mint, Spices and a Dash of Salt
    • Natural, Zesty Flavor Refreshes Instantly
    • Hydrates the Body and Uplifts the Mind
    • Perfect for Hot Summer Days or Any Time You Need a Pick-Me-Up

    You’ll love sipping this traditional Indian lemonade, Masala Nimbu Paani. The tangy lemon and mint blend with savoury spices to create an irresistible flavour that delights the senses. This premixed version makes it easy to enjoy anytime. Keep a pitcher in the fridge for a cool, energising drink that your whole family will love. Escape the heat and recharge with a refreshing glass of Masala Nimbu Paani!

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