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    Quench your thirst instantly with Bevx Plus Tea, the ultimate tea premix that delivers the perfect cup in seconds. Crafted for tea enthusiasts seeking convenience without compromising on taste, our instant tea powder blends real tea leaves with ease.

    Enjoy the invigorating kick of energising caffeine, coupled with the rich, smooth flavour of premium black tea. Packed with antioxidants and less sugar, our tea premix offers a healthier alternative without compromising on indulgence.

    Say goodbye to brewing hassles as our fine tea powder dissolves effortlessly in hot or cold water, capturing the essence of real tea leaves in every sip. Whether it's a midday boost or a calming evening ritual,  Bevx Plus Tea caters to every moment.

    Experience the convenience of instant chai, ginger tea, or lemon tea, meticulously crafted for vending machines or personal indulgence. With  Bevx Plus Tea, enjoy great taste without the wait – make every cup easy and delicious.

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