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    Beat the heat with a glass of aam panna, the perfect thirst-quenching drink for hot summer days. This refreshing beverage made from raw mangoes offers a tart, sweet flavour that cools you down.

    • Made from raw green mangoes blended with spices like cumin, mint, coriander, chilli pepper
    • Has a sweet-sour taste that is incredibly refreshing on a hot day
    • Hydrating and packed with vitamin C
    • Provides electrolytes like potassium that replenish the body

    Sip on aam panna when you need relief from the summer swelter. The tartness of raw mangoes blended with savoury spices and sugar makes for an energising drink that rehydrates and refreshes. Keep a pitcher of aam panna in the fridge for whenever you need a cool, flavorful beverage to beat the heat.

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