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    Wake up to the taste of California with California Gold Coffee, the perfect tea premix for your vending machine. This delicious blend lets you bring a taste of the Golden State right to your breakroom.

    • Expertly crafted blend of premium black tea leaves and aromatic California citrus
    • Balanced, smooth flavour with notes of orange and lemon
    • Easy to use tea bags for convenient vending machine brewing

    Sip your way to sunshine and beaches with the bright, refreshing citrus notes in California Gold Coffee. This premixed tea captures the essence of California's famous locally-grown citrus fruits, blended into a black tea base for the perfect anytime pick-me-up. The result is a delicious tea that's crisp and bold, yet smooth and easy to drink.

    If you're looking for an affordable way to give your employees and customers a little California in every cup, look no further than California Gold Coffee. This bright and upbeat tea premix is designed for easy use in vending machines, bringing the taste of the Golden State to your office, breakroom, or anywhere with just the push of a button. Give your people a sunny caffeine boost they'll love.

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