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    Make every morning magical with the rich, aromatic flavour of Freeze Dried Coffee Granules - the instant coffee that delivers a smooth caffeine kick.

    • Intense flavour from premium Arabica beans
    • Freeze dried to lock in freshness
    • Adds bold flavour to any hot or cold beverage
    • 500g jar provides up to 100 servings

    With Freeze Dried Coffee Granules, you can enjoy delicious instant coffee that dissolves easily in water for a perfectly smooth, aromatic cup in seconds. Our expert freeze drying process preserves the incredible flavour of fresh Arabica beans so you get an intense caffeine boost without bitterness.

    If you want instant coffee that tastes just as good as a premium roast, reach for Freeze Dried Coffee Granules. It brings a rich flavour and aroma to start your mornings right.

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