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    Indulge in a creamy, nutty treat that's ready in an instant with Badam Milk Premix. This delicious blend features:

    • Rich, creamy milk flavoured with almonds
    • Just add hot water and stir for a satisfying drink
    • Packed with protein to help keep you fueled

    Savour the nutty sweetness of almonds swirled into velvety, creamy milk with each sip of Badam Milk Premix. This tasty beverage provides a boost of plant-based protein to help keep you satisfied. Warm up with a steaming mug anytime you need a nutritious pick-me-up.

    Badam Milk Premix is perfect for anyone who wants a comforting, protein-rich drink that can be prepared easily. Skip the cafe and enjoy cafe-style flavour at home with this convenient premix. The almond milk blend provides a nutritious dose of protein to help you stay focused and energised throughout your busy day.

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